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News Release: Verizon Business Spotlights 5G’s Revolutionary Influence on the Future of Media and Entertainment at IBC2023


Sep 11, 2023

Verizon Business is set to showcase its advanced connectivity solutions at IBC2023, highlighting how they are revolutionizing the end-to-end delivery of content creation, protection, distribution, and consumption. On the opening day of the conference, Scott Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Global Solutions at Verizon Business, will engage in a fireside chat with Mark Smith, the newly appointed Chair of the IBC Council. Lawrence and Smith will discuss the increasingly significant role that 5G technology plays in the media, entertainment, and live event broadcasting sectors.

Verizon Business is committed to supporting key organizations in the media and entertainment industry, including the IBC and the IABM. This support demonstrates the company’s dedication to driving innovation and thought leadership in the industry. Lawrence expressed his excitement about the potential commercial opportunities that 5G can bring to media production and venues, emphasizing the tremendous creativity it can unleash across the wider media and entertainment landscape.

In addition to Lawrence, two other Verizon Business experts will be speaking at IBC2023. ErinRose Widner, Media & Technology Technology Leader, will participate in a panel session titled “Synthetic Humans,” while Sanjay Mishra, Associate Fellow, Network Design, will present on recent advancements in immersive and volumetric media.

Verizon Business also has strong ties to the IABM, the main sponsor and showrunner of IBC2023. Josh Arensberg, CTO of Media & Entertainment at Verizon Business, was recently appointed as the new Chair of the Board of the IABM. Furthermore, Verizon Business has become a “champion” in the IBC’s Accelerator Program, which aims to demonstrate the potential for personalized viewer engagement and increased revenue through live interactive experience streaming during sporting and other events.

Finally, Verizon Business’ 5G Edge Editor has been named a finalist in the Create category for the prestigious IABM BaM Awards® 2023. These awards recognize technological innovations that provide tangible business and creative benefits. The IABM BaM Awards are widely regarded as the industry’s gold standard for rewarding innovation in broadcasting and media.

For more information about Verizon Business’ presence at IBC2023, please visit their official website at https://show.ibc.org/2023-content-agenda-1/conversation-verizon.

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