“NFL Community Reacts to the Release of Isaiah Simmons and DeAndre Hopkins”

The Arizona Cardinals have announced the release of wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Friday, ending his three-season tenure with the team. Hopkins’ time with the Cardinals saw him register 221 catches, 2,696 yards, and 17 touchdowns. Although this is a substantial loss for the team headed into a challenging year, it is a sensible economic decision. As trade rumors swirl around the league, Hopkins’s release was not what many NFL fans, teams, and analysts anticipated.

Arizona Sports’ Wolf & Luke reacts to the news of Hopkins’ release in real-time, expressing their incredulity at the lack of compensation received for his departure. This is a developing story, and the article lists reactions from former teammates, including Isaiah Simmons and Laremy Tunsil, journalists, and insiders in the league.

The article raises questions about Hopkins’ future with the league, with some speculating that teams may reconsider his availability and cost now that he is a free agent. The article also highlights how Hopkins missed two games in the 2022 season despite being fit and in good health, although the reasons for this are unclear.

The article discusses the possibility of possible new landing spots for Hopkins, with the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Browns among the teams mentioned. Hopkins’s time spent training with OBJ has fueled rumors that he might end up in Baltimore playing with Lamar Jackson. The article also includes a video that showcases Hopkins’ most memorable plays during his NFL career.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the recent developments surrounding Hopkins’s release from the Arizona Cardinals and what it means for his future in the NFL.

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