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NFL has approved a new rule regarding kickoffs


Mar 26, 2024

In a historic move, NFL owners voted to implement a significant rule change regarding kickoffs. The new kickoff rule, based on the format previously used in the XFL, aims to increase the number of returns while reducing injuries. This decision was made at the annual league meeting.

Fans should be prepared for noticeable changes right from the start of each game. Kickoffs in the upcoming season will not be the same as before. Under the new rule, players from both teams will line up closer to each other, just five yards apart. They will only start running once the returner receives the ball, reducing the speed at which collisions occur and hopefully preventing injuries.

Out of the 22 players on the field during a kickoff, only the kicker and the returner will be positioned separately, while the other players will be grouped in two lines five yards apart. This rule change has been approved for a one-year trial and will require re-approval next year to be made permanent.

The NFL is aiming to replicate the success seen in the XFL, where injuries decreased and the number of returns increased after implementing this rule. The league is hopeful that this change will have a positive impact on kickoff plays, making them safer while also adding more excitement to the game. This season, NFL kickoffs will look unlike anything fans have seen in the past.

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