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NFL Network has recently let go of Melissa Stark and Andrew Siciliano


Apr 4, 2024

The NFL has officially changed the rules of kickoff, as reported by USA Today’s Safid Deen. The new kickoff rules will be implemented for the 2024 NFL season starting in September.

While the ratings for the NFL continue to soar and set records, the league’s internal media arm recently experienced cuts in on-air personalities. Four prominent personalities, Andrew Siciliano, Melissa Stark, Will Selva, and James Palmer, will not be returning for the upcoming season.

According to NFL Network spokesperson Alex Riethmiller, the changes in talent lineup are a normal part of business at this time of year. This evaluation process results in renewals, non-renewals, and additions to the talent roster based on programming needs. The departing talent were given thanks and appreciation for their hard work and contributions to NFL Media.

Siciliano, known for hosting “RedZone” on “DirecTV” on Sundays during the regular season since 2005, lost his role as Google and YouTube TV gained the rights to the “Sunday Ticket” package. Selva provided news updates for the morning show “Good Morning Football,” which is currently on hiatus and moving production from New York to Los Angeles. Stark remains the sideline reporter for “Sunday Night Football” and NBC’s top NFL broadcast team, while Palmer, a national reporter for NFL Network since 2015, had his contract bought out.

The NFL Network, owned by the league, has been in talks to find a buyer to take over operations. ESPN has been mentioned as a potential match for an equity swap. Last May, NFL Network laid off approximately 50 people, and in January, the league offered buyouts to 200 employees.

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