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Nick Bentele Reflects on His 15-Year Career at First National Bank: A Transformation in Business Banking


Sep 13, 2023

September 13, 2023

This sponsored article is brought to you by First National Bank of Sioux Falls.

More than 15 years ago, Nick Bentele visited Augie’s Career Center in search of a job. His counselor, Sandy Vietl, suggested that he should work at First National Bank (FNB). Bentele agreed and got the job, where he has been ever since. He loves his work at FNB, enjoying the company of his colleagues, customers, and the bank’s shareholders. Every day brings something new and the opportunity to help others.

Bentele’s journey into his career at FNB began with a job interview, which was his first and only interview after college. During the interview, he was asked about his reasons for liking FNB and his role as a business banker. The response that stood out to him was that the job offered the chance to build relationships and engage in creative thinking. Ultimately, Bentele accepted the job, whether it was because it seemed promising or because Sandy recommended it.

Having grown up in Sioux Falls and graduated from Brandon Valley High School, Bentele was enthusiastic about using his business management degree and unique skills to work at a local bank. His job allows him to serve local business owners and the community by utilizing his curiosity, adding value, and making connections.

While bankers may seem invisible to the average consumer, they play a crucial role in helping executives and entrepreneurs navigate the business environment. Bentele, along with other business bankers at FNB, works behind the scenes to support their clients’ goals, solve problems, and make their dreams a reality. This support goes beyond banking operations, focusing on the interests, passions, and problems that clients have outside of banking. Building relationships is a fundamental aspect of FNB, ensuring that Bentele and others can truly help their clients.

Bentele’s commitment to building relationships and contributing to the business community has paid off. Clients appreciate his dedication, as he goes above and beyond to understand their needs and provide solutions. One example of this is his successful partnership with Thunder Road Sioux Falls, where he supported them throughout a major construction project. Bentele not only helped secure financing but also ensured the project’s success by resolving any issues that arose.

As Bentele reflects on his career, he believes that personal growth is crucial to professional success. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and understanding oneself within the industry. Bentele attributes his success to continuous learning and knowing how to provide value to others. He encourages others in the industry to follow this formula, acknowledging that it may not work for everyone but has served him well throughout his career.

Bentele’s dedication and commitment have earned him the trust of both clients and colleagues. They appreciate his ability to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions. As he looks forward to the future, Bentele plans to continue utilizing this formula for success and fostering personal and professional growth.

To learn more about Nick Bentele or to start a conversation with him, you can contact him here.

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