Nine Selected for College Sports Communicators’ Academic All-District® Men’s At-Large Team

Nine #SummitMGF student-athletes have been selected to the 2023 Academic All-District® Men’s At-Large Team by the College Sports Communicator. The At-Large Team recognizes the nation’s top student-athletes for their athletic discipline and overall classroom performance. The team is selected by the 2023 Academic All-District® Men’s Collegiate Sports Communicators.

The CSC Academic All-America® program will individually recognize winners in his four divisions, namely NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, and NAIA. Academic All-District® winners move on to CSC Academic All-America® voting. Three teams, namely Team 1, Team 2, and Team 3 winners, will be announced on June 22nd.

The CSC Academic All-District® team includes the student-athletes listed on the following page. The 2023 CSC Academic All-District® Men’s General Team comprises Nate Deziel, N.D., Ian Simorich, N.D., Matthew Garside, St. Thomas, Matthew Raab, St. Thomas, Ben Hicks, S.D, Ryan Neff, S.D., Max Max Schmidtke, S.D., Noah Bolas, S.D., and Matthew Schaefer, S.D.

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