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NMU Men’s Basketball Faces Off Against Concordia-St. Paul in College Matchup | Get the Latest News, Sports, and Job Opportunities


Nov 20, 2023

On Saturday at St. Paul, Minn, Concordia-SP defeated NMU with a final score of 108-101. The summary of the game includes statistics for field goals, free throws, and total points for both teams. Northern Michigan had players like Parzych, Kuehl, Weisbrod, Schultz, Smith, Tolefree, Privet, and Dudek scoring a total of 101 points. Concordia-St. Paul had players like Kimmons, Horn, Sluice, Skeete, Kellogg, Patterson, Mathieu, Kloss, Kopetzki, and Akpati scoring a total of 108 points.

At halftime, the score was 54-36 in favor of Concordia-St. Paul. The field goal shooting percentage for NMU was 45.1%, while Concordia-St. Paul had a percentage of 46.4%. In terms of 3-point shooting, NMU had a 25% success rate compared to Concordia-St. Paul’s 45.2%. Free throw shooting percentages were 82.1% for NMU and 85.7% for Concordia-St. Paul. Rebounding and assist statistics were also provided, with NMU having 48 rebounds and 15 assists, while Concordia-St. Paul had 33 rebounds and 19 assists.

NMU had 8 steals and 18 turnovers, while Concordia-St. Paul had 5 steals and 14 turnovers in the game. These statistics provide a comprehensive overview of the game and performance of the players from both teams. Today’s breaking news and more in your inbox.

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