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NMU Northern Center to Host Marquette Holistic Health Fair on Saturday


Nov 20, 2023

The Marquette Holistic Health Fair was held on Saturday at the Northern Michigan University Northern Center, offering a variety of stress-relieving services for the community. The event featured presentations and vendors focusing on multi-dimensional aspects of health, with 37 vendors offering services such as massage, energy work, and henna body art. Event Coordinator Michelle Nichols explained that the fair is a reboot of a former holistic health fair that had been running for 20 years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Nichols, the event pays homage to the old fair while putting a new spin on it, making it the first year for this new iteration. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase products like crystals, soaps, and essential oils, and even had the chance to interact with a therapy dog to help calm their nerves.

The fair aimed to provide a range of stress-relieving and holistic health services to the community, with a focus on promoting overall wellbeing. By bringing together a variety of vendors and presenters, the event sought to offer a comprehensive approach to health and wellness for attendees. The fair also provided an opportunity for local businesses and practitioners to showcase their offerings and connect with the community. Overall, the event aimed to provide a rejuvenating and educational experience for all who attended.

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