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No Skiing on the Sljem Red Spus This Year Due to Severe Damage to Trosjed Cable Car


Nov 21, 2023

The Trosjed cable car on Crveni spustu sustained extensive damage during a July storm. Experts from the Austrian company Doppelmayr assessed the damage and concluded that it was beyond repair. As a result, the existing three-seater cable car will not be able to function. This means that Crveni spust will not be accessible for skiing this year, according to N1 from Zagreb.

The city of Zagreb confirmed that this year’s ski season will instead take place on the White and Green slopes. This news will disappoint skiing enthusiasts, but the necessary preparatory work has been completed and snowmaking will soon begin to prepare for the ski season. The city also mentioned that they will start the procedure for public procurement to meet the needs of the Red Slope.

Overall, the damage to the Trosjed cable car will impact the ski season on Crveni spustu, but plans are being made to ensure that skiing on the White and Green slopes can proceed as scheduled.

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