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Nokia Joins Other Companies in Journey to the Moon


Feb 13, 2024

Hearings for almost every month in 2024 with almost a dozen flights that could accumulate. Landers, probes, rovers, and spaceships are taken to the moon and its orbit. This is supported by three national space administrations and private space companies. Private company Intuitive Machines aims to take a trip to the Moon in the summer, with Nokia testing a 4g network near the Moon’s south pole.

They are also experimenting with a direct connection to Mars. The US space company Astrobotic Technology has recently sent a probe and lander from Florida to the Moon on a Vulcan launch vehicle.

Japan also plans to land a lander on the Moon in January, and the United States’ Nova-C would be taken near the Moon’s south pole at the end of February by a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

Nokia and many other probes are used to try to drill ice from the Moon, look for places with water, study the dust of the Moon, and try out various quadricycles. These efforts reflect the push by many countries and private companies to explore and understand the Moon.

China also has plans to land on the Moon in May, and NASA would start building its own permanent base near the Moon’s south pole at the beginning of the 2030s. The Artemis project aimed for an Artemis 2 flight to the Moon, with an Artemis 3 flight carrying astronauts to the Moon. However, the Artemis 2 flight has been postponed by a year and the astronauts are not yet named.

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