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Nor’easter Winter Storm Causes Airlines to Cancel 1,100 Flights


Feb 13, 2024

Air passengers in the Northeast are experiencing significant disruption on Tuesday as a strong winter storm hits the region. More than 1,100 flights have been canceled across the US, and several airlines are waiving change fees to provide passengers with more flexibility.

The storm is expected to bring heavy snowfall to cities such as New York, with up to six inches forecasted. Boston could see as much as a foot of snow, according to the National Weather Service. This has resulted in numerous flight cancellations, with JetBlue and Republic Airways particularly affected.

Passengers are advised to check their airline’s website for more information on change fees and waivers. In the event of a canceled flight, passengers are entitled to a full refund, but compensation for delays is not guaranteed. This is underscored by recent incidents in the UK and Ireland, where extreme weather caused some flights to be diverted hundreds of miles away from their intended destinations.

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