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North Carolina State University partners with JED campus to enhance student mental health services


Sep 14, 2023

North Carolina State University has joined forces with the JED Foundation (JED) to focus on improving student health and mental well-being. The JED Campus Program aims to strengthen mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention programs in educational institutions, providing students with a robust support system. Becoming a JED campus is one of the long-term recommendations made by the Student Mental Health Task Force in their Spring 2023 report. Currently, over 400 campuses, including several within the UNC System, are committed to this program. By becoming a JED campus, North Carolina State University aims to not only enhance existing efforts but also create lasting positive changes within the campus community to support emotionally vulnerable individuals. This multi-year strategic collaboration will prioritize student happiness and mental health. It will involve strengthening NC State’s support network for student mental well-being through assessment tools, feedback reports, strategic planning, and ongoing support from the JED Higher Education team. The program will be divided into four years, focusing on assessment and strategic plan implementation, community engagement, and sustainability. Through this collaboration, North Carolina State University leaders are dedicated to promoting a culture of care and wellness on campus. President Randy Woodson highlighted that this partnership is part of the university’s broader commitment to establishing a comprehensive support network for the campus community. The process of becoming a JED campus involves understanding existing programs and policies, establishing an interdisciplinary team to assess and implement improvements, and conducting a university-wide self-assessment survey to evaluate mental health promotion, substance use, and suicide prevention efforts. The North Carolina State University team will receive comprehensive feedback from JED experts, identifying both successes and areas for improvement. Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs and Students, Doneka Scott, emphasized that this partnership with JED Campus will enable the university to build upon the work of the Student Mental Health Task Force and other campus partners. Supporting mental health and well-being is an ongoing process that requires continuous assessment and adaptation. North Carolina State University aims to provide the necessary services and resources to support the mental health of young adults and empower them to better assist their peers. The university offers numerous wellness resources, allowing individuals to access the support they specifically need.

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