Northwest Harris County’s low-income elderly couples get support from local businesses’ generosity and awesomeness

Heat can pose a serious risk to individuals over the age of 65, increasing the likelihood of illness and death. In the case of Elia and Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Ibarra, who live in northwest Harris County, the air conditioning in their home went out two weeks ago, causing concern among their neighbors. The couple, who rely on Social Security and SNAP benefits, were unable to afford a new unit, leaving them vulnerable to the dangers of extreme heat.

Elda Arellano, Elia and Guillermo Ibarra’s daughter, attempted to reach out to various organizations in the area in an attempt to secure a new air conditioning unit. One of the bids she received was from Houston’s She Air Tech, who offered to replace the entire heating and air-conditioning system with a new one at no cost.

Rory Arends, a Senior Service Technician at She Air Tech, helped orchestrate the installation of the new system, which is expected to last 15 years or more. “We are happy to be part of this community and help out in any way we can,” said Ahrens. Thanks to their generosity, Elia and Guillermo Ibarra can now enjoy a cooler, safer summer in their home.

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