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Number of Applicants Doubles as Copenhagen Tests Four-Day Work Week


Apr 3, 2024

Fourteen workplaces in the City of Copenhagen are participating in an experiment with a four-day work week. The manager of Radisevej dormitory, which offers mental health services, believes that this new work schedule is here to stay. Employees work four days and have three days off, maintaining a total of 37 working hours per week.

The Danish parliament approved the experiment on flexible working weeks in 2023, with the proposal coming from the Alternativet party. The trial period started on April 1 and will last until the end of the year. After the trial, workplaces will evaluate whether to adopt the four-day work week permanently.

This experiment is not the first of its kind in Denmark, as similar trials have been conducted in other municipalities. Public sector workplaces in Copenhagen are now also participating in the change. The Radisevej dormitory, which offers mental health services to young people, is one of the workplaces involved.

Shifts at Radisevej dormitory now run from seven in the morning to eleven at night, seven days a week. The experiment required a reorganization of working hours, but the transition went smoothly. According to the director of the dormitory unit, the longer working days have had a positive effect on recruitment and employee satisfaction.

The four-day work week is seen as a response to societal and generational changes. Employers are adapting to meet the desire for more flexibility from the workforce. The hope is that this new work schedule will help achieve a better balance between work and personal life. There are also plans to continue the experiment beyond the initial trial period.

In Finland, there have been similar proposals for experiments with shortened working hours. In 2023, the central trade union organization SAK suggested an 80% working time experiment, equivalent to a four-day work week. Reports from other countries that have implemented similar experiments show positive effects on employee health and well-being.

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