Nursing Unions Push for Double-Digit Salary Hikes as Discussions with Pat Cullen Resume.

Leaders at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) have urged the Health Secretary to resume salary negotiations with a proposed double-digit increase. Currently, UK nurses are expected to receive a 5% pay rise, as the majority of medical unions have accepted the government’s salary offer. However, RCN members have rejected the deal and nursing unions will vote on further strike actions later this month.

Initially advocating for a 19% wage increase, RCN President Pat Cullen later called on members to accept the government’s 5% proposal, but this was rejected 54% to 46%. In an interview with The Times, Cullen praised the “courageous” union members and urged the cabinet to resume negotiations for a double-digit increase.

British nurses recently went on strike for 24 hours on May 1st, the first time RCN members had left all areas, including intensive care. They also took industrial action on two other occasions earlier this year. Karen, an RCN member, said she was “proud” of her union’s membership and their willingness to stand up for the NHS.

The RCN had initially called for a 19% pay rise last year, and some unions, including RCN and Unite, rejected the proposal for a 5% increase above the RPI inflation rate. However, it was accepted by a majority and included a lump sum payment of at least £1,655 for UK nurses.

The health official urged an end to industrial action and for collaboration to make a difference for patients. The topic is open to discussion, as the RCN members continue to push for a higher increase in salary.

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