“NYC’s Jeffrey Deitch and Visa Butler: The World Belongs to You”

Visa Butler is a talented artist from New Jersey who specializes in creating quilts that depict the black community in powerful ways. Her work ranges from tributes to prominent figures to representations of everyday people. Butler draws inspiration from her own personal history, often highlighting important cultural moments like the Harlem Hellfighters Brigade of World War I.

Butler’s most recent solo show, titled “The World is Yours,” is on display in the Jeffrey Deitch collection in New York. The exhibition features a large-scale collaboration with several contemporary photographers, including Gordon Parks, Janet Beckman, and Jamel Shabazz. Butler’s quilts are displayed alongside the photographers’ works in order to create a meaningful conversation between the different artistic mediums.

According to Butler, the quilts become a conversation between the photographer, the subject, herself, and the audience. Her pieces are created from a variety of materials, including Nigerian hand-dyed batik and African wax-resist cotton with holographic vinyl fabric.

Butler’s latest exhibition is inspired by the seminal record “Illmatic” by Nas. She hopes that her work will speak to those who have been wronged by acts of prejudice and racism, reminding them that the world belongs to everyone. Butler wants her art to be a reminder that we should never stop trying to create the life we envision for ourselves.

“The World Is Yours” is on display at the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in New York until June 30th. Interested visitors can also check out the Hyperart’s guide to his Week in New York Art 2023 for related news. The gallery can be found at 18 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013.

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