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NYU Langone Health Makes Headlines: Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Nov 21, 2023

NYU Langone Health has been busy making headlines in recent weeks, with experts weighing in on a variety of health and wellness topics. In the realm of heart health, Dr. Howard Weintraub shared insights on how inflammation may be a more accurate predictor of cardiovascular events than cholesterol levels in high-risk patients who are intolerant to statins. Meanwhile, Dr. Gregory Katz delved into the portfolio diet, an eating plan designed to lower cholesterol levels, and discussed the effects of electrolyte powders on sodium levels.

Moving to the topic of women’s health, Dr. Samantha M. Dunham highlighted the importance of discussing perimenopause, shedding light on the often overlooked stage in a woman’s life. On the COVID-19 front, Dr. Marc K. Siegel examined the potential link between coffee consumption and reduced severity of the viral illness, offering a new perspective on the pandemic.

Beyond the main NYU Langone campus, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island contributed to the conversation with insights from Dr. Martin Backer on COVID-19 and the upcoming holiday season. Meanwhile, Dr. Shae Datta discussed the link between a reduction in the hippocampus in the brain and the risk of cognitive decline, offering valuable information for those concerned about brain health.

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