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Obiang seeks Putin’s support following a series of coups in Africa


Nov 21, 2023

In turbulent times, the time has come to make decisions. The president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, is considered one of the African autocrats who has been in power for the longest time, and his recent decisions are on a trajectory to seek refuge in the shadow of the Kremlin, as Russia is working to expand its influence across the continent where France is struggling to maintain its ground. They are the latest examples of the current power struggles in the wake of the recent coups d’état in Niger and Gabon. Equatorial Guinean opponents are closely following these events.

A series of events has unfolded recently in which President Obiang and his son Teodorín met with the United States ambassador and subsequently flew to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Equatorial Guinean dictator has a long history of making decisions to defend his regime, and despite the recent relationship with Russia, his arrival to power, after overthrowing his uncle, was inaugurated amidst strong tensions with the defunct Soviet Union.

It is currently impossible to predict what the future holds for Equatorial Guinea, given the sudden political changes that have occurred in several African countries. Armengol Engonga Ondó, president of the Progress Party (Christian Democrats, in exile), emphasizes the need for the country to become a full democracy. His words conclude with a wish: “The international community has to continue helping us politically and economically.”

The opponents continue to work decisively so that the country becomes a full democracy, which recognizes freedom and equal rights and opportunities for its citizens. Their goal is to establish a transitional government that will reinforce all institutions and remove the dictatorial structure of the regime. They will apply shock measures such as implementing the functioning of health, education, and transportation, and conducting free and democratic elections.

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