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Obotette’s Children’s Book Educates About the Color of Hockey


Nov 20, 2023

Obotette’s fascination with hockey began when a co-worker took her to see Milwaukee of the American Hockey League live in 2010. At the game, she found the fast-paced action and excitement to be very intriguing, and it sparked the idea of creating a story about a female character of color playing hockey.

Inspired by the thought of her nieces and their potential interest in a hockey story featuring a character who looked like them, Obotette worked with illustrator Blessing Odom to create a 40-page hockey book. The story follows a young girl who attends a game to watch her big sister play for Team Umoja, and she becomes enthusiastic about seeing her sister in action.

The book, featuring illustrations by Blessing Odom, emphasizes the excitement and sense of belonging the young girl feels as she watches her big sister play hockey. It also includes an explanation of various hockey terms to further educate readers about the sport.

For Obotette, the book is not just a story about hockey, but an invitation to explore a sport and its culture. By creating a relatable and diverse character, she hopes to encourage others to explore new interests and experiences.

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