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Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’: A Worldly Perspective Fuels Her Fiery Anger


Sep 8, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo’s album “Guts” explores the challenges of being naive and wide-eyed. However, Rodrigo is also starting to toughen up and confront the unrealistic expectations placed on young women in the public eye. In the opening track, “All-American Bitch,” she highlights the impossible standards she faces, expressing gratitude for being both sexy and kind, and even pretty when she cries. Additionally, Rodrigo’s confidence in discussing physical intimacy reflects a more stylized approach seen in dance floor-focused pop stars who use sexuality as a performance tool.

In “Logical,” she recounts how her ex belittled her, pointing out that they claimed she was too young, too soft, and unable to take a joke or satisfy them sexually. The moody “Making the Bed” uses the recurring phrase as a metaphor for restoration or covering up mistakes made during wild nights.

Rodrigo writes her own lyrics and collaborates with Daniel Nigro on “Guts,” just as she did with her previous album “Sour.” This small creative team allows her to break away from the committee-tested perfection of mainstream pop. Despite her sudden success, Rodrigo has managed to stay true to herself and expresses her most intimate emotions on a grand stage. The incorporation of rock elements, such as pop-punk, new wave, and theatrical folk, adds depth and a touch of wildness to her songs. However, some of the most intense moments on the album occur when Rodrigo unleashes her raw emotions while Nigro accompanies her on piano.

Throughout her debut album, Rodrigo subtly nods to earlier female pop stars, drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne, and Veruca Salt. These influences can be seen in the song titles, such as “Love Is Embarrassing,” which references Sky Ferreira, a pop star from a decade ago known for her unfiltered realness. The album closer, “Teenage Dream,” alludes to Katy Perry, the quintessential glossy pop princess of the 21st century. However, Rodrigo’s version of “Teenage Dream” presents a darker perspective, revealing the falsehood beneath the surface. She expresses regret for not being able to live up to the naive expectations of being someone’s teenage dream.

In “Guts,” Rodrigo’s music pulses with the energy of someone who is breaking free from their tight constraints. Unraveling may be messy, but it also represents liberation and self-discovery. Olivia Rodrigo’s album is a testament to her growth as an artist, as she embraces her vulnerabilities and challenges the norms of mainstream pop music.

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