On Small Business Hero Day, Intuit to Grant $20,000 to 3 Small Businesses.

Intuit QuickBooks and Mailchimp recently celebrated the second annual Small Business Hero Day. The event recognizes and rewards the successes of small businesses in the United States and the positive impact they have on local communities. As part of Small Business Success Month, Intuit supports professional and consumer finance management and tax software such as QuickBooks, TurboTax, Credit Karma and Mailchimp.

According to Alex Chriss, VP and General Manager of Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group, small businesses are essential to local communities, but often do not receive the recognition they deserve. He is honored to spotlight these inspiring small business owners and the passion, dedication, and perseverance they have shown in strengthening the communities they serve.

Three small businesses each received a $20,000 prize for their outstanding commitment to serving their local communities. Family Faith Transportation, MASS Collective, and No Fear Cafe from Louisiana, Georgia, and Michigan respectively, all impressed the judges with their projects, which increased mobility for elderly and sick residents, provided inclusive workspaces for artists and artisans, and enhanced educational opportunities for marginalized children and adults.

Each winner received Intuit QuickBooks Online, Intuit Mailchimp Premium, and a one-year subscription to Intuit solutions for small businesses, including Intuit TurboTax Full-Service Business. This recognition and support from Intuit QuickBooks and Mailchimp will help each business continue to make a difference in their respective communities.

Small businesses play a crucial role in strengthening local communities, according to an Intuit QuickBooks survey. Nearly 100% of US consumers believe that small businesses go above and beyond for their customers and communities, with 64% of respondents calling small business owners community heroes who deserve more recognition. Nearly three-quarters of small business owners say they cannot survive without community support, and SMEs make their communities better places to live by creating a strong sense of community and increasing employment.

Furthermore, a recent Intuit QuickBooks study found that nearly half of the suppliers used by SMEs to source the products and services they need to run their businesses are from other local businesses. This indicates that SMEs are key drivers of economic growth within their communities.

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