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Opposition Criticizes Budget as “Sanader’s 2009 Pre-election Budget on Steroids”


Nov 21, 2023

The image provided looks like a budget proposal that resembles a script for a surreal movie. Questions are raised about the circumstances that have led to the government deciding to spend 10 billion euros more than in 2022. Are the rising costs the result of a significant project, or are they merely a part of pre-election pyrotechnics? Concerns are expressed about the budget’s ability to positively affect the people it is intended to support.

The head of Most, Božo Petrov, has voiced skepticism about the budget. He believes it resembles a poorly directed movie with a predictable ending of increasing debts and unfulfilled political promises. Other members of the opposition share similar views, arguing that the budget’s extensive growth is directly related to upcoming elections and is a result of an unbalanced fiscal consolidation.

The progress of the budget is a cause for concern for various representatives of the opposition. They posit that the growing deficit and excessive spending will have negative implications for the future economic state of the country. Some have pointed out a discrepancy in the distribution of resources, emphasizing a lack of investment in sectors crucial for the country’s growth, including housing, energy, and education.

As debate continues over the distribution of funds, it becomes evident that the budget fails to address the pressing need for investment in key areas important for the country’s advancement. The concerns of members of the opposition regarding the negative implications of the budget continue to be raised as discussions about allocations of funds persist.

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