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Oršić returns to the field after a nearly four-month absence due to a serious injury


Nov 20, 2023

The episode in Southampton was not what he wished for, so he got seriously injured in one of the first training sessions as a Trabzonspor player, for which he did not even make his debut. Mislav Oršić (30) has had no luck in the past year, but he is working hard to turn the goddess Fortune in his favor.

The Croatian national team player made his fans happy with a post on social networks. As he says, today he is on the field for the first time after almost four months since his knee injury. given that Nenad Bjelica, who insisted on his arrival, is no longer sitting on the bench of the Turkish first league team.

For example, after the departure of the Croatian coach, Filip Benković was cemented on the bench, although he was previously a standard first-team player, while Tonio Teklić only changes his position: bench – tribune. That is the price of coming to a particular club because of the coach. Benković and Teklić are already paying for it, and we will see what plans Abdullah Avci has for Oršić. If there are any at all.

The aggravating circumstance for the Croats in Trabzonspor is that the club is doing better after Bjelica’s departure. In the last four games, they registered three victories (along with a draw), of which the away game against the leading Fenerbahce stands out.

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