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Ortega celebrates Nicaragua’s exit from the OAS, while opposition congratulates Javier Milei


Nov 21, 2023

Nicaragua completed its two-year exit process from the Organization of American States (OAS), effectively ceasing to be a member of the organization. The government of Daniel Ortega celebrated this departure and felt that it removed Nicaragua from an “interference” organization and disassociated it from the wishes of the United States. However, the United States analyzed new sanctions against the Ortega regime, and the Nicaraguan opposition congratulated Javier Milei on his electoral victory in Argentina.

The Foreign Minister Denis Moncada stated that Nicaragua has removed itself from the influence of the United States and what it refers to as an “interventionist” organization. The government of Nicaragua decided to withdraw from the OAS two years ago after the regional organization questioned President Ortega’s electoral process.

Nicaragua believes that the OAS performed “partially” in a 2018 crisis when anti-government protests and clashes with officials led to approximately 300 deaths. The government considers these protests to have been an attempted coup d’état promoted by the United States.

Despite Nicaragua’s exit from the OAS, the organization emphasized that Nicaragua still has legal obligations beyond the organization’s influence. Human Rights Watch also warned Nicaragua to remain accountable for human rights violations.

In contrast, multiple exiled Nicaraguan opponents congratulated Javier Milei on his presidential victory in Argentina. They see his victory as a sign of hope and change in Latin America. The United States is considering new sanctions against the Ortega regime to ensure human rights and democracy in Nicaragua. However, the United States has also taken diplomatic measures, such as the withdrawal of visas and freezing bank accounts of Nicaraguan government officials and entities. Ultimately, the United States seeks to support the Nicaraguan people without negatively affecting them.

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