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Our Motive Against the Best Team in the World, According to Coach, Captain and Five-Minute Presser


Nov 20, 2023

Armenia’s chances of qualifying for the Euros were dashed with their 1-1 draw against Wales on Saturday. However, they have achieved their best qualifications in history and were in the game for the first time until the penultimate round. In Maksimir on Tuesday, they can only spoil Croatia’s accounts and potentially help Wales. The press conference for the upcoming match was very short, lasting only five minutes with no Armenian journalists present. Captain Eduard Spertsyan offered a polite sentence and the Ukrainian selector, Oleksander Petrakov, provided three short answers. He expressed that they expect a good match and have a motive to prove themselves against one of the best teams in the world. The team’s composition for the match was undecided as they had a difficult game three days prior. And with that, the press conference concluded in five minutes, including translating questions and answers.

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