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Outrage among Ukrainians over pure penalty call and the value of VAR


Nov 21, 2023

In Leverkusen, Italy earned a valuable point against the Ukrainians and secured their place in the European Championship to defend their title. Despite the lack of goals, the game offered plentiful opportunities and an intense atmosphere. One particular disputed situation arose when Mihajlo Mudrik fell in the Italian penalty area after a duel with Bryan Cristante. The Ukrainians appealed for a penalty, but the referee did not award it, nor did he consult the VAR room to review the incident. This left the Ukrainian team feeling aggrieved and lamenting the missed opportunity to secure a place in the Euros.

Ukrainian coach Serhij Rebrov expressed his frustration, stating that the incident was a clear penalty and questioning why the VAR was not consulted. Despite the disappointment, the team remains hopeful as there are still chances for them to qualify for the Euro, with Germany set to compete in the playoffs.

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