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Over 40 ducks discovered abandoned at a business near Delray Beach


Nov 21, 2023

Dozens of dead ducks were dumped in front of a business just west of Delray Beach, upsetting Michelle Cohen, the owner of Delray Feed and Supply. She discovered the remains in the parking lot of her business and reported the incident to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In response, officers were dispatched to the feed supply store and they are now investigating the matter. The photos of the dead ducks were shared with WPTV and show animal carcasses that were hunted and shot, then dumped illegally. Cohen, and law enforcement are looking for clues in surveillance footage as they search for the individuals responsible. It’s unknown how many people or what type of ducks were involved, but Michelle Cohen is eager for the outcome, stating, “They are lives and they deserve respect even after death.” She is not anti-hunting, but she is in favor of treating animals with respect. This is an ongoing investigation.

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