Owner and friend fall victim to robbery at DTLA store

In downtown Los Angeles, two robbers attacked a store owner and his friend at a clothing store. The entire incident was captured on security cameras, revealing brutal violence that left the owner with serious injuries, including eye socket fractures and torn shoulder bones. The robbers also stole cash and jewelry from the store and are currently at large.

The security footage showed two hooded and masked men entering the store and assaulting the owner, Frankie Salerno, aged 39, and his companion. Both victims were punched, kicked, and pistol-whipped. While Salerno sustained severe injuries, his friend is expected to recover fully.

The victim’s girlfriend Ivana expressed her horror at the attack, saying she could not watch it in real-time. She mentioned that the store had been robbed the previous night, and they were waiting for the police to arrive when the robbers broke in and attacked them. The suspects have not been identified yet, and there is no information about their characteristics. The getaway vehicle did not have a license plate.

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