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Owner of a local ice cream shop faced challenges when changing their business model


Sep 16, 2023

Even when a business is thriving and beloved by the public, there are times when changes need to be made. This is the case with Sunday Ice Cream Shop in downtown. The shop has been facing challenges due to its rapidly expanding customer base and increased sales. The problem arises from the special process of making soft serve ice cream, which relies solely on a vanilla base. Unlike other ice cream retailers that offer multiple flavors, Sunday Ice Cream Shop was unable to meet the high demand for its vanilla ice cream. This issue stemmed from the fact that there were simply too many customers who wanted their products. The owner and founder, Cole Glaude, explains that their business grew so much that their suppliers couldn’t keep up. Even with two suppliers, they still couldn’t meet the increasing demand.

To address this issue, Glaude is planning on opening a new store on Elm Street in Laconia on September 30th. The original downtown location will close on September 24th and reopen in March. Both stores will be closed during the winter months and will feature hard ice cream. The new stores will be called “The Social Club Creamery.” This change will take some getting used to, as Glaude will no longer be one of the few stores in the state selling soft-serve ice cream. However, exceptions will be made for loyal customers who are devoted to their soft-serve flavors.

Glaude, a Belmont native, and his wife, Sarah Glaude, decided to bring their love for ice cream to Laconia after living in New York City’s Upper East Side. They frequently indulged in ice cream to stay cool in their apartment without air conditioning. Not finding the flavors they craved, they saw a gap in the market and decided to open Sunday Ice Cream Shop. They offered unique flavors such as vanilla-based soft serve with toppings like Toast Crunch and Apple Cider Donuts.

Since its opening, the business has experienced significant growth. Glaude attributes this to the relocation of other businesses to downtown and the closure of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. The summer nights are especially busy, with lines down the block. However, because of the mechanical process required to make soft serve ice cream, the wait times can be longer than usual. Glaude acknowledges that not many people are willing to wait, which has created an ironic situation for him. The success of the business has led to its transformation, and soon the original shop will no longer exist as it is known.

Previously, Glaude needed 30 to 35 pieces of vanilla ice cream a week to make the base for his product. This put immense strain on his suppliers. Now, with the increasing demand, that number has doubled, and it can be difficult to obtain large quantities of the same flavor. This incredible growth is the driving force behind the decision to change and expand.

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