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Packers game marks the start of cancer campaign in partnership with Bellin Health and Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation


Sep 19, 2023

The Green Bay Packers, Bellin Health, and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation have joined forces for the seventh consecutive year to host the Packers vs. Cancer campaign. This initiative aims to raise awareness about all types of cancer, raise funds for research and treatment, and emphasize the importance of early screening. Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy expressed his satisfaction with continuing the Packers Against Cancer initiative and conveying support for those fighting cancer and their loved ones. The partnership with Bellin Health and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation has significantly impacted this campaign over the past six years. Additionally, Packers players Kayshawn Nixon and Patrick Taylor, along with representatives from Bellin Health and the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, joined the Bellin Health cancer team to kick off another year of the program. The team offers various cancer treatment support services, such as medical and radiation oncology, infusion services, and palliative care. On average, Bellin Health administers around 15,000 infusions and 10,000 radiation treatments per year.

The Packers vs. Cancer campaign for this year introduces a new Green New Era winter knit hat. Each hat sold will contribute $5 directly to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. Fans can purchase the hat both in-store and online at the Packers Pro Shop. Additionally, customers who make a purchase at the Packers Pro Shop can donate $1 or more to the Lombardi Cancer Foundation. Donations will support the foundation’s ongoing cancer research programs. The campaign will be featured and recognized during the Packers game against the Detroit Lions on September 28th. Attendees of the game will receive a Packers vs. Cancer wall flag and enjoy various entertainment elements that honor cancer survivors and their loved ones.

Furthermore, several Packers players are getting involved in the Packers vs. Cancer campaign. They will reinforce cancer efforts at the high school level by attending the game between Pulaski High School and Green Bay Southwest High School on October 6th. T-shirts will be sold at the game, with proceeds going to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. Packers players Tucker Craft and Luke Musgrave contributed to the cause by visiting patients at Children’s Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, named after the legendary Packers coach, is dedicated to funding advancements in cancer research and providing compassionate care. The funds raised through the Packers vs. Cancer campaign have supported various programs, including pediatric medical research, cancer treatment, programs for female cancer survivors, and the development of leukemia treatments.

Aaron Hart, the director of the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, emphasized the impact of the partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Bellin Health in the fight against cancer. He believes that by working together as a team, they can provide greater support to cancer research and treatment programs. To learn more about the Packers vs. Cancer campaign and read survivor stories, visit packers.com/community/packers-vs-cancer and Bellin Health Packers vs Cancer Survivor Stories.

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