Pair Vying for 3rd District Seat in Wellsburg | Latest News, Sports, Employment Opportunities

Voters in Wellsburg District 3 will have to choose between two candidates when they go to the polls on June 13. The two candidates are Matt Cox, who is challenging incumbent Randy Fletcher, both of whom live on 2000 Marianna Street.

Matt Cox has served the community in many ways, including being the current president of the Wellsburg Baseball and Softball Association. He has spent much of his time volunteering for youth sports, having coached the Association for 11 years and helped establish the Brooks Association. Cox has also coached a junior high school baseball club, Brook Bruin Youth Football, and Foundry Church’s Upward Basketball League. Cox has promised to support Wellsburg’s city parks, particularly making 18th Street Park more accessible to those with disabilities, and improve the water quality in the city. Cox also hopes to raise awareness about speeding on city streets, which poses a danger to children and residents.

On the other hand, Randy Fletcher has a vast experience in public service over his 22 years on the Wellsburg City Council. He’s served on the city’s Water and Wastewater Commission and chaired the city’s Police and Civil Service Commission for 12 years, as well as being a representative of the Brooke Hancock Jefferson City Planning Commission. Fletcher has also been a member of the Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department for more than 40 years and worked for the Pittsburgh Steel Company for 46 years. Fletcher has campaigned on a platform of investing in district 3, paving more roads and alleys, and demolishing dangerous buildings. He also hopes to replace street lights that are not functioning or are in need of replacement.

In summary, the voters of Wellsburg District 3 will have to decide between a candidate that values improving city parks, raising awareness of street speeds, and volunteering for youth sports, or an experienced public servant who has a track record of representing the community’s interests.

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