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Pandora strengthens business planning and merchandising infrastructure


Nov 21, 2023

Jewelry giant Pandora is taking steps to enhance its global digital transformation initiatives by investing in an integrated business planning technology solution. The company has partnered with o9 Solutions to overhaul its global planning and merchandising infrastructure and position the investment as a crucial next step. Pandora expects that the elevated integration capabilities will enable it to address various planning needs across manufacturing, supply chain, and retail within a single platform and data model.

Given Pandora’s extensive reach with 6,800 points of sale and 2,400 stores across over 100 countries, the company needed a more connected, robust digital suite. This suite would encompass end-to-end planning and streamline processes from manufacturing to supply chain and retail sales. Founded in 1982 in Copenhagen, Pandora is the world’s largest jewelry company by volume, generating approximately $3.2 billion in sales last year. The company’s growth was fueled in part by the introduction of the revamped charm bracelet in 2000, which contributes to 70% of its total sales. Additionally, the appointment of former P&G exec, Alexander Lacik, as CEO in 2019 has been instrumental in Pandora’s digital transformation journey.

Following Lacik’s appointment, the company increased its tech investments, launching a collection of lab-grown diamonds last year and testing experimental store layouts in 2021 to offer more personalized and omnichannel shopping experiences. With this latest investment, Kristofer Löhmos, SVP of global merchandising at Pandora, has emphasized the critical role of integrated business planning in ensuring optimal product availability for its global consumer base. Löhmos stated that in today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment, it is critical to meet consumers’ needs by having the right product in the right place at the right time.

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