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Parking Search: Los Lunas Enterprise in Need of a Spot


Jun 9, 2023

Businesses in Los Lunas, New Mexico are searching for a man who did more than just leave a bad review. It all started when Chelsea Roberts arrived at work as usual on a Thursday morning. As she was checking the ground around the parking lot, she noticed a shirt lying on the side. As she picked it up with a stick, she saw something on the side that she did not want to see on her work premises. “You can tell it’s not an animal by its size,” said Roberts.

She then went over to the security cameras and saw the truck come in just after hours. A man got out of the truck, opened the back door, looked around, and crouched between the doors. “It was still broad daylight,” said Roberts. She was in utter shock and did not immediately call the police, as she could not see the truck’s license plate.

Roberts explained how it was a serious offense and emphasized that they want to find the person responsible. “Sex exposure, that’s trespassing, so maybe they just want to find the person and make an example,” Roberts said. She hoped that social media would help identify the person responsible and urged anyone who might recognize the truck or the man to contact them. “The vehicle in the video is clearly marked, so I’m hoping someone can help identify who this is,” she added.

At present, businesses off Main Street in Los Lunas are hoping that someone comes forward to help identify the man, and they believe that social media may play a significant role in this. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of the area and has left many feeling unnerved.

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