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Patrice Vergriete switches from Housing to Transport in reshuffle


Feb 10, 2024

Former Minister Delegate for Housing, Patrice Vergriete, has been appointed Minister Delegate for Transport. He is an ex-PS and is affiliated with various leftists. He is the ex-mayor of Dunkirk and holds the current position of president of the city’s urban community. He expressed a preference for the Housing portfolio but is now transitioning to Transport. He is recognized as an expert in town planning and development, including transport.

One of his most significant projects as mayor of Dunkirk was making buses free in 2018, which he defended as a “social and ecological” measure and saw immediate success. Since then, 75,000 people take the bus every day in the urban community of Dunkirk. Now as Minister of Transport, he will address subjects such as metropolitan RERs, a 100 billion euro railway plan in France, and the transition from thermal cars to electric cars.

Patrice Vergriete is known for putting his resignation into the balance to protest against the tightening of the immigration law at the end of the past year. His appointment as Minister Delegate for Transport is seen as a signal sent to the left-wing of the majority.

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