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Patrick Bailey, of the Giants, envisions the sensational opportunity of securing the esteemed Gold Glove accolade


Sep 14, 2023

Giants catcher Patrick Bailey is aiming to make history as the first rookie backstop in nearly three decades to win a Gold Glove award. However, for the 24-year-old, the timing of the award doesn’t matter as much as the accomplishment itself. Bailey expressed his excitement and pride, stating, “It would be unbelievable. That’s kind of what I’m known for and what I’m most proud of. And whether it’s this year or not, it’s going to be really great.”

Bailey’s journey in the MLB began in May when he made his debut with the Giants. Since then, he has quickly established himself as one of the league’s top defensive catchers. His exceptional pop time allows him to throw out runners effortlessly, while his pitch-framing skills and ability to call games have earned him the trust and respect of the Giants’ pitching staff. Despite the team’s prior selection of catcher Joey Bart in the 2020 MLB Draft, Bailey’s talent and potential made him an appealing choice for San Francisco.

If Bailey manages to achieve this feat in his rookie season, he will join the exclusive ranks of catchers Johnny Bench (1968), Carlton Fisk (1972), and Charles Johnson (1995) as the only recipients of a Gold Glove award in the National League. Johnson, who accomplished this as a rookie, set the precedent just a few years before Bailey was born.

Reflecting on the possibility, Bailey described it as “crazy,” highlighting the significance of such an achievement. While it may not be impossible for Bailey to secure a Gold Glove this season, the Giants’ history of producing exceptional catchers suggests that he will have further opportunities as his MLB career continues.

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