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Paul Merson criticizes England manager Gareth Southgate’s midfield choices as ‘absurd’, claims Football News


Sep 7, 2023

In a recent article, Paul Merson discusses various topics in football. He starts off by criticizing Gareth Southgate’s England selections, particularly the inclusion of Trent Alexander-Arnold as a midfielder. Merson believes this decision is unfair to players like James Ward-Prowse, who has been performing well for West Ham. He also questions the selection of Kalvin Phillips, who he believes does not play football regularly. Merson emphasizes the importance of performance when it comes to national team selections.

Moving on to Manchester United’s away form, Merson expresses his concern. He feels that the team is too focused on avoiding defeat rather than going for the win. He believes that the manager needs to be braver and allow the players to take more risks. Merson compares the current state of Manchester United to the days under Sir Alex Ferguson, highlighting the team’s lack of competitiveness for the title.

Merson also discusses Kai Havertz’s slow start at Arsenal. He sympathizes with Havertz, noting that playing in his position is not easy. However, he believes that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta will stick with him and that the player will eventually find his form. Merson also praises Declan Rice for outperforming Moises Caicedo and suggests that if Rice adds goals to his game, his value would be immense.

Moving on to Chelsea, Merson criticizes the team’s performance against Nottingham Forest. He describes their performance as mundane and lacking creativity. He questions how a team that has brought in numerous talented players is struggling to perform. Merson highlights the lack of guile in the team and their struggles against teams that sit back and defend. He also mentions the need for more experience in the squad.

In conclusion, Merson raises concerns about England’s midfield selections, Manchester United’s away form, Kai Havertz’s slow start at Arsenal, and Chelsea’s underwhelming performances. He offers suggestions for improvement and expresses his hope for better outcomes in these areas.

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