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Pearl Health Partnership Broadens Walgreens’ Primary Care Reach


Sep 12, 2023

Walgreens is teaming up with Pearl Health to expand its primary care services. This collaboration comes after Walgreens made a significant investment in VillageMD and VillageMD’s acquisition of Summit Health. Pearl Health empowers clinical teams to provide personalized treatment, and Walgreens will offer complementary services such as prescription fulfillment, medication adherence, vaccines, care gap closure, and diagnostic testing. They will also work with doctors to assist patients in transitioning from hospitals to their homes.

CEO of Pearl Health, Michael Kopko, stated that their technology-based, value-focused care model aligns well with Walgreens’ healthcare services, particularly in underserved communities. This partnership will enable Walgreens to reach more communities quickly and provide comprehensive and affordable care that improves long-term health outcomes.

Walgreens has been shifting its business model towards offering physician services. Through their $5.2 billion investment in VillageMD, they have taken a majority stake in the company, which collaborates with doctors to offer primary care services. Furthermore, VillageMD’s acquisition of Summit Health strengthens their presence in the healthcare industry.

Following this announcement, shares of Walgreens Boots Alliance experienced a 1.4% increase on Tuesday after hitting a low point not seen since 2008 on Monday.

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