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Penny Pritzker chosen by Biden to aid in Ukraine’s economic recovery


Sep 18, 2023

The recent announcement reflects growing concerns within the administration and Ukraine’s allies about the state of Ukraine’s economy. These concerns arise about a year and a half after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, the announcement coincides with an approaching conflict over federal funds. Specifically, Vice President Biden has requested $24 billion from Congress to cover the cost of the Ukraine war and related expenses. However, House Republicans are doubtful about providing further financial support to Kiev, especially considering the government shutdown that could start on October 1.

Furthermore, there is an increasing likelihood that Kiev is in the midst of a significant counterattack against Ukraine. The primary objective of this counterattack is to reclaim the territories that were lost to the Russian military. However, the country’s economic situation is also receiving greater attention. The war has profoundly devastated Ukraine’s economy, leading Ukrainian officials to emphasize the necessity of international aid and investment in rebuilding the country and persuading refugees to return.

Notably, in March, the World Bank revised its estimate for the amount needed for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction to at least $411 billion. This amount is equivalent to 2.6 times the country’s projected gross domestic product for 2022. The assessment determined that Russia’s invasion has pushed 7.1 million people into poverty and reversed 15 years of development progress. Vice President Biden has expressed his commitment to collaborating with international partners to ensure that aid efforts are coordinated and mutually supportive.

In a related event, Pritzker, the announcer of the decision, is the sister of JB Pritzker, who is the Governor of Illinois and a potential Democratic presidential candidate in the future. JB Pritzker is known for his venture capitalist background and high-profile donations to the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, President Putin engaged in a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Russia. This meeting was part of an attempt to acquire additional weaponry for the invasion purpose.

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