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People missing after cars plunge into water


Mar 26, 2024

Seven people were reported missing after a cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing part of the bridge to collapse into the Patapsco River. The Baltimore Fire Department launched a search operation for the missing individuals, who were believed to be occupants of vehicles that fell into the river during the accident. Divers were deployed to search the water for any signs of the missing individuals.

An anonymous video captured the moment when the cargo ship collided with one of the bridge pillars, leading to the collapse of a section of the bridge. The ship, named Dali and flying the flag of Singapore, caught fire after the collision. Fire and police sources confirmed the incident and reported that several vehicles had fallen into the river along with the missing individuals.

Kevin Cartwright, the director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, stated that at least seven people and multiple vehicles had fallen into the river as a result of the bridge collapse. Emergency services received calls about the incident in the early hours of the morning, prompting a swift response to the scene. The Mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, was en route to the accident site to coordinate emergency efforts.

The Key Bridge, which spans the Patapsco River and is part of Maryland’s Interstate 695, was closed in both directions following the accident. The bridge, which opened in 1977, is a key transportation route in the area and has been a significant landmark for many years. The Maryland Transportation Authority diverted traffic away from the bridge as emergency response teams worked to assess the damage and search for the missing individuals.

The incident has caused widespread concern and alarm in the local community, with many expressing shock and disbelief at the tragic event. The full extent of the damage and the number of casualties are still being assessed by authorities as they work to secure the area and provide support to those affected by the accident.

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