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Peskov refutes claim that Russia would transport migrants to the border: “We reject these accusations”


Nov 20, 2023

During a teleconference on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov expressed his regret that Finland’s relationship with Russia has become “Russophobic.” Peskov adamantly denied the accusations that Russian authorities have been delivering migrants to the Finnish border, stating that border crossing is only utilized by those with legal rights to do so. He emphasized that Russian border guards are compliant with official instructions, and he refuted any accusations against them.

The situation at the eastern border was also of interest to a Russian journalist at the press conference. Recent reports stated that Finland may decide to close the border crossing points on the land border with Russia on Tuesday. Despite these developments, Peskov asserted that there is no dialogue. He expressed regret that the relations, which were previously pragmatic and based on mutual respect, have been replaced by a “exclusively Russophobic attitude.”

On the subject of the escalating border situation, Finnish border stations have been closed several times. Russia has pushed people through the border opening and closed the border barriers behind them, according to the Finnish side. Additionally, four border crossings were closed between Friday and Saturday, with the exception of two northernmost border stations that allow you to apply for asylum. The rapid developments at the border reflect the deteriorating relationship between Finland and Russia.

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