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Petah Tikva Mayor’s Office Granted Permission by Knesset to Utilize Technology Against Noisy Drivers


Nov 22, 2023

The Knesset Committee on Justice and Judiciary has approved a decree allowing the municipality of Petah Tikva to implement a new noise pollution monitoring system. This system will enable municipal inspectors to issue fines to vehicle drivers and other violators who exceed permitted noise levels in the city. The system, called Noize, has been installed at major city intersections and will provide readings to support the enforcement of noise pollution regulations.
After the publication of the decree in the Reshumot bulletin, municipal inspectors will be able to use the Noize system to identify and prosecute violations such as excessive use of the horn and driving without a muffler. The fines for these violations can be up to 730 shekels depending on the type of violation. This new decree is aimed at reducing noise pollution in the city and promoting a quieter and more peaceful environment for residents.
In addition to targeting vehicle drivers, the decree also allows for stricter enforcement against noise pollution in homes and businesses. This signifies a comprehensive effort by the municipality to address noise pollution at its source, whether it originates from vehicles, residential areas, or commercial establishments. By implementing this new system and enforcing noise pollution regulations, the municipality hopes to improve the overall quality of life for its residents and create a more peaceful and enjoyable living environment.

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