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Phoenix Should be the Epicenter of the Sports Business World, Says Coyotes President


Nov 20, 2023

The Phoenix area already has a strong presence in the sports industry, with various professional and college teams, as well as major sporting events like the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl. This has contributed significantly to the economy and culture of the region. However, there is belief that there is still potential for growth and for Phoenix to be recognized as a hub for sports and sports business on a global scale.

In addition to major professional sports franchises such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and WNBA teams, the Phoenix area also hosts a PGA Tour tournament, two NASCAR races, and a New Year’s Six college football bowl game. It is also home to the Cactus League spring training and other college sports events. The region is also home to the Arizona Rattlers arena football team and Phoenix Rising FC, a team that recently won a championship in the USL, a secondary pro soccer league. These teams and events have contributed to the vibrant sports culture in Phoenix.

Xavier Gutierrez, the president and CEO of the Coyotes, has emphasized the need for Valley business leaders to recognize and capitalize on the region’s potential in the sports world. This call for action suggests that there is more that can be done to further establish Phoenix as a sports and sports business hub. With the right strategies and investments, Phoenix could continue to grow its reputation in the sports industry and attract more major events and opportunities in the future.

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