Piren, Governor of the State, Condemns The Biden Administration’s Offensive Against Women’s Sports Alongside Fellow Governors.

GOP Governor Jim Pillen has joined other Republican governors in condemning the Biden administration’s attacks on women in sports. They are protesting the proposed rule change to Title IX that could prevent states from enforcing laws and regulations that protect the fairness of sports for women and girls. The governors criticized the Biden administration for changing the rules in ways that did not follow the law. They called for the rule to be withdrawn immediately until the Supreme Court gives it the power to review.

In a letter addressed to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the governors stated that the use of the term “gender identity” in Title IX is an over-interpretation that goes beyond the powers conferred upon the ministry. The department does not have the authority to unilaterally rewrite Title IX. Such a regulation would disrupt states, schools, and society. It would also undermine the lived experiences and achievements of generations of courageous women.

The Republican governors urged the Biden administration to reconsider its stance and to adhere to the law in order to protect the fairness of sports for women and girls. They expressed their concern over the politicization of gender and called for a more reasonable approach to be taken. The governors are committed to ensuring that women and girls are not discriminated against and that they are given the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

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