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Pjaca, known for pessimism, back in action after 184 game absences due to injuries since leaving Dinamo


Nov 21, 2023

Marko Pjaca (28) returned to HNL and was beaming with happiness after being included in the Croatian national team’s list for Latvia and Armenia. Many expected Marc Pašalić to be called up, but instead, Pjaca was put on the main list. After being left out of the national team for five years, he expressed his gratitude for the call and announced that he was feeling great and ready to compete. However, he was unable to travel to Latvia due to muscle pain and was also advised against competing in the match against Armenia.

Pjaca is currently playing for Rijeka, where he feels more confident and plays full games. He reflected on his career, emphasizing the importance of confidence and acknowledging that everything happens for a reason. Even after suffering from multiple injuries and illnesses, Pjaca remains motivated to continue his career, drawing inspiration from his experience playing in the World Cup final.

The player, who has been criticized for his limited appearances and injuries throughout his career, has struggled with maintaining a consistent playing streak due to injuries and health issues. Despite being sought after for his talent, Pjaca has faced many setbacks that have kept him from reaching his full potential. He aims to make a strong comeback and prove himself after spending years recovering from injuries and illnesses.

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