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Plenković criticizes Constitutional violator for refusal to resign


Apr 2, 2024

After a session of the HDZ presidency where the election campaign was discussed, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković made a statement to the media. He revealed that they were dealing with the election campaign that had started and had “analyzed a little” during the presidency session. He mentioned that they had reached GDP growth levels similar to Hungary, which joined the EU 9 years ago. Plenković also stated that pensions would be raised to an average of at least 760 euros.

He expressed confidence in achieving the goal of joining the OECD in two years and remarked on the positive atmosphere within their activities. Plenković emphasized the importance of voter choice in the upcoming elections, urging citizens to continue to trust in the current government rather than risk entrusting others with the country’s leadership.

When asked about recent criticisms and responses to interviews, Plenković dismissed concerns about the current political opposition and emphasized the legitimacy of the HDZ’s campaign. He expressed confidence in the party’s presence throughout Croatia and defended their candidate selection process.

Plenković announced plans for a dynamic campaign involving various activities and engagement strategies. He boasted about Croatia’s achievements under his leadership and dismissed comments made by his political opponents, particularly regarding defense policies.

In response to comments about political advertisements and aircraft overflights, Plenković downplayed the significance of his opponent’s statements and expressed confidence in his party’s prospects in the upcoming elections. He showed a dismissive attitude towards his opponent’s claims and remained focused on his campaign strategy and achievements during his tenure.

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