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Podcast: The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms – Episode 39 of [English World]


Apr 2, 2024

In episode 39 of the podcast, the focus is on cherry blossoms and the tradition of viewing them in Japan. Three Kyodo News journalists, Yamaguchi-san, Horiuchi-san, and Toma, discuss the impact of recent inflation on the amount of money spent on cherry blossom viewing. They talk about their own experiences with this annual practice and where they have gone to see the cherry blossoms this year. The podcast also mentions an article on how inflation has affected budgets for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

The Kyodo News podcast is designed for English learners and provides insights into news writing and translating Japanese phrases into English. Listeners can enjoy hearing journalists discuss recent articles and sometimes stray into unrelated topics during the conversation. Additionally, there are other podcast episodes available, including topics like Peruvian food, retro Japanese games, and Japan’s maglev train.

In the episode, the journalists mention viewing cherry blossoms in full bloom along a 1-kilometer avenue on Tokyo’s Meguro River, where paper lanterns are lit up to enhance the experience. This visual image captures the essence of cherry blossom viewing in Japan and adds to the discussion on this cultural tradition.

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