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Ports and bus traffic affected as ACP workers join strike


Feb 12, 2024

The stevedores are scheduled to participate in strikes from Wednesday to Friday, effectively stopping the operations at ports. Additionally, the Auto- and Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) has announced that bus drivers and maintenance repair shop staff will also be participating in a political strike on Wednesday and Thursday the 14th and 15th of February. The AKT strike is expected to affect approximately 10,000 employees. According to the union’s press release, these strikes are in response to the government’s extensive weakening of working life.

The demand from the ACP is that the government must engage in proper negotiations on plans to weaken working life in a tripartite manner with employees and employers. The AKT has given notice of political strikes to employers, leaving a wide impact on bus traffic both in local traffic and on long-distance routes.

The strike is specifically in response to the government’s planned reductions in unemployment security, which AKT considers to be severe. For example, if someone earning 3,000 euros per month remains unemployed, the gradation of unemployment insurance will reduce the earnings-related benefit by 346 euros per month after two months, and 432 euros per month after eight months.

The merit-based dismissal policy could also be scrapped, allowing for termination with a valid reason, making it uncertain how a small act may suffice for dismissal. Sickness pay when the first day of sick leave is unpaid and local bargaining threatening to undermine working conditions and collective agreements are being protested by AKT. Labor struggle work tasks, the failure of which would cause a danger to people’s lives, health, or property, are limited to the outside.

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