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Possible rewritten titles: – CEO hopeful at Morgan Stanley comments on competitor’s performance – Potential Morgan Stanley CEO implies that rival company is struggling – Speculation arises: Could Jamie Dimon seek presidency? – Jamie Dimon’s political aspirations gain traction – From Wall Street to White House? The case for Jamie Dimon’s presidential bid


Jun 1, 2023

The content discusses various news items related to the finance industry. One of the highlights is the recent announcement by Andy Saperstein, the head of wealth management at Morgan Stanley, regarding his own business unit. He talks about doubling assets under management and increasing pre-tax earnings while also highlighting the poor performance of his rival’s business unit.

The article also touches upon the topic of succession planning and how the better wealth management performs, the more likely it is that someone like Saperstein is integral to the company’s strategy and cannot be diluted.

Moving on, the article discusses the possibility of Jamie Dimon running for the United States presidency, which has been endorsed by Bill Ackman. It also talks about the use of AI by asset managers to automate tedious tasks.

Furthermore, the article delves into the reasons for employees not returning to the office, which range from economic incentives to childcare costs and the convenience of virtual meetings. The post ends with contact details for job seekers to create a profile with eFinancialCareers and a call to action for readers to share any secret stories, tips or comments.

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