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Possible Upcoming Vote in US Senate on Aid for Ukraine


Feb 13, 2024

Following the last procedural hurdle in the Senate, Republican opponents of the bill have delayed its passage with numerous speeches, stalling its progress. Despite this setback, the bill’s passage in the Senate seems likely, with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell securing the support of at least 17 Republican representatives. However, both houses of Congress must still approve the bill before it can be signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The legislation faces uncertainties in the House of Representatives, where Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has raised objections about the bill’s lack of provisions to address the surge of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. Johnson has stated that the House may need to pass its own measures on these matters if the Senate does not make any changes to the bill.

There is uncertainty about what actions the House of Representatives will take, with Senator John Thune acknowledging that the House may move something, but the specifics are unclear. Some Republicans predict that the bill will fail completely in the House of Representatives, particularly as hard-line Republicans have expressed opposition to the bill.

The bill includes financial aid for Ukraine, Israel, and partners in the Indo-Pacific, as well as humanitarian aid for conflict zones around the world. Democrats have been pushing for swift aid to be sent to Ukraine and America’s partners in the Indo-Pacific, while Republicans have called for measures to be included at America’s borders, leading to a bipartisan border deal collapsing.

The bill’s fate in the House of Representatives remains unclear, as Trump’s interests hold sway with Republicans who control the chamber by a slim majority. Despite Biden’s efforts to urge Congress to provide aid to Ukraine and America’s partners, the bill faces challenges in the House.

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