Post-Pandemic World: Lessons B2C Companies Can Draw from B2B Events

As the world begins to recover from the global health crisis, in-person events such as concerts, festivals, theater performances, and conferences are back in full swing. Smart retailers are taking advantage of this by building face-to-face relationships with consumers once again. While some experts talk about coping with universal trauma, most people are ready to relive the joy of community.

According to MarTech’s “Event Participation Index,” 60% of marketers plan to return to in-person events by the end of 2023. While the majority of marketers miss the marketing potential of in-person events, many still believe in the power of the virtual element. Hybrid events that combine online sessions with in-person activities may become a prominent trend in the coming years to increase attendance.

Brands will need to embrace innovative online strategies while having access to more traditional selling skills and techniques in 2023 due to the pandemic. By reinvesting in physical events, businesses can give consumers the opportunity to try new products, engage with services, build trust, make connections, and gain a deeper understanding of their brand.

B2C companies can benefit from considering and implementing B2B event strategies as the world moves into a post-pandemic environment. Brands can leverage technology to prioritize attendee engagement while prioritizing safety to improve the success and safety of events, especially at a time when most mandates are out of force.

B2C companies can learn from B2B events in several ways. They can prioritize attendee engagement, leverage technology, provide a safe and secure environment, and understand the importance of data collection. Organizers who focus on these tactics can create memorable and impactful events.

Rhett Power, Co-Founder of Accountability Inc. and an expert in accountability and its impact on business performance, shares his insights on how B2C companies can learn from B2B event strategies to improve their marketing events.

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